November 2018 

This was our second experience working with Sonny and Erin Bara at Realty Austin, and it was great. This time around, we both sold and purchased with their team, as well as having purchased that previous home with them eight years ago. They provided top notch service, and they were always willing to talk through the various bumps and unexpected turns that any home transaction brings. We sold our previous home quickly, and we would recommend them without hesitation to anyone buying or selling in the Austin area. Great job, Sonny and Erin! 

Patrick M. McMillin

June 2018 

We have always enjoyed working with Erin and Sonny. We have already given them two referrals in the last couple of months both of which resulted in sales. Erin was right on the mark with the marketing of our house. She told us to be ready to move and what price to list for to enhance the possibility of multiple above list price offers and that is exactly what happened. Erin listed it on Thursday and it sold on Sunday night. Great work. We will definitely continue to send our friends and employees their way. 

Mike Ferguson


April 2018 

Sonny and Erin Bara were exemplary in taking care of my needs and would gladly recommend them to anyone wishing to buy or sell a home. 

Virginia Cole


February 2018 

 We were very happy with the work both Sonny and Erin did for us. We knew what we were getting into when we hired them as we had a prior business relationship and friendship. Sonny and Erin helped us purchase the house they just helped us sell! They are extremely professional and knowledgeable of the area. We went back to them because of their experience and knowledge, but primarily we could trust them. We would wholeheartedly recommend them to friends or family. 

Mike and Rosy Mancha


February 2018 

I am very pleased with Sonny and Erin Bara for handling this listing very professionally. As far as referring future customers, I will indeed make sure that anyone I know who needs services in Austin has Sonny or Erin’s contact numbers. Again, I appreciate all the help Sonny and Erin provided to sell my home. 

Brian Burr


August 2017  

We worked with Sonny and Erin Bara on the sale of our home in South Austin, and we’re also using them for the purchase of our new home in Cedar Park. We definitely recommend them! Their combined experience and professionalism inspires confidence, and they deliver. In addition to bringing about the results we were looking for, they were also a pleasure to work with. They’re personable and responsive, they gave solid advice every time we needed it, and they made a process that can be challenging as smooth as possible. On top of that, their referrals for home inspections and mortgage services were spot-on as well. If you go with them, you’ll get a team that will take care of you! 


Angie Liddiard Cannon

July 2017 


Sonny and Erin are a dynamic duo! I was over-the-top impressed with their knowledge of the business. I was building a house at the same time I was selling a house, and I was stressed about being between homes. Sonny and Erin talked us through everything, they were so great and helped us keep our cool through the process. They came to the house and made a list of things they suggested we do to get the house ready to sell, and they also staged it. By the time we were done, it had looked like a new house! It never looked better. We got five offers in one weekend with three over list price. We accepted one over list price, and the buyer paid cash then agreed to lease it back to us as long as we needed to wait for the new house to be ready. This was a perfect-world scenario for our family, and I cannot rave enough about how professional and amazing The Bara Team and Realty Austin are. 


Traci Rodriguez

July 2017 


Sony and Erin did an excellent job! 


Dan Waters

June 2017 


Erin helped and guided me through this journey tremendously. I probably would not have my house as of yet if it had not been for the help and consideration of Erin. She was passionate, committed, professional and got me through this process. 


Angela Hall

May 2017 


We had an outstanding experience with Sonny and Erin. They were very knowledgeable, confident, and reassuring throughout the entire process. Our house sold for exactly what Sonny recommended for our listing price, and it sold with only one showing prior to it actually going live on the market! We are so thankful that we had such experienced realtors helping us navigate this process and we are thoroughly satisfied with their service. 


Dr. Sylvia Johnson

February 2017 


Sonny and Erin have been our realtors through 4 different home transactions. They both are top of the line, and we would not even think of using another realtor. They are not only the best realtors we have dealt with, but we feel they have become our friends through their commitment to us to get the homes sold or bought. Should anyone ever ask us about a realtor, we will suggest Sonny and Erin from here on out. Hopefully, Carrie and I are done moving, and we are in our last home that they helped us with but as they say never say never. You couldn’t ask for a better bunch of agents to be on your team than Sonny and Erin. 


Glenn Davey

October 2016 


We really enjoyed our time with Sonny & Erin. The whole process took longer than usual because the seller thought that the house was worth more than it was. When we got in the right range, activity really picked up, and we closed yesterday. Having been in sales 45+ years, it was a treat to do business with pros who know their business. We will recommend them to our friends. 


Jeani & Jim Parker

July 2016 


Sonny and Erin were great. Our house sold for cash in one day at full market price. Thanks to you all for everything. 


Wil and Michelle Price

June 2016 


Erin and Sonny went beyond what we could have ever expected. The whole experience was incredible, and that was highlighted even more as we dealt with our buyer’s agent here in Abilene. She was fine and is a leader here, but definitely not to the level of customer service the Bara’s provided!! 


Teresa Williams

June 2016 


Sonny and Erin were great, they explained their plans on listing price and executed it exactly how it went with multiple offers over asking price even with Sonny being under the weather. We had heard great things about them before the process and that’s why we chose them. We are very happy we are using them on our new home under construction and should be closing in October. This was my first time having to work with Realtors and selling a house. Sonny and Erin were wonderful and I’m very happy it is over. 


David Spencer

April 2016 


Sonny & Erin were great to work with. We selected them in large part because they are connected and active with the neighborhood and local schools. This meant a great deal to us. We’d use them again in a heartbeat. 


Joe & Jeanine Gilson

March 2016 


Sonny is a fantastic person and an excellent agent. He had patience with us as first time home buyers, explaining everything we needed to know about the process. He was an expert negotiator. I cannot recommend him more highly. He was professional, promptly answered questions by phone and email, and was a pleasure to work with him. I could not have gotten a better Realtor then Sonny. Thank you, Realty Austin, for having such an amazing person working with you, he really is out there for his customers not the money. 



January 2016 


Sonny and Erin could not have been better to work with. Easy to get along with, extremely knowledgeable, and fast to react to everything! 


For something that I really agonized over doing, they made the entire process easy! 


There are no better realtors out there, they are simply superstars! 


Absolutely great team, and I would recommend them to anyone. 


God bless those guys! 



December 2015 


Sonny immediately put us at ease. His experience and knowledge in real estate made us feel confident that we were in good hands. In this seller’s market, we really needed a professional we could trust to get us the right house for the right price and we definitely found that in Sonny Bara. We would recommend the Bara Team to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate! 


Pam Lawrence

December 2015 


Sonny and Erin Bara are outstanding, they should be called “The Dream Team” instead “The Bara Team.” 


This is the third time that I have utilized a Realtor for a selling and/or purchasing of a property, and no one has been as professional as them. The really understand their job requirement and exceeded the expectations. 


They are a keeper’s. 



December 2015 


Erin was very helpful and professional. She gave great advice on how to get the best price. We were very pleased. 



November 2015 


My husband and I felt and still feel so blessed to have Sonny Bara as our realtor there to guide us purchasing our beautiful amazing home. Sonny made this such an enjoyable experience even during the stressful times! He guided us and always had our best interest at heart! He’s such an amazing man and I don’t know what Mr. Hope or myself would have done without him on our side as he really took care of us! At anytime of day or night I could call him and he would either answer my text or call me back. He was always so caring, and very professional for we feel he knows his job like the back of his hand! He does things the right way and get it all done in such a timely manner! In the past it was very hard for my husband Mr. Hope to trust people as we’ve been told many times before by other realtors what they could do us but none of them came thru for us! Willie did feel he could trust Sonny and in a short time he was like an open book! 


Sonny treated us as if we were his only customers but with the type of person he is we knew he was a busy man; but never too busy for us. He made us feel comfortable because he knew what he was doing and also he shows at all times he cares about. That alone goes a long way will last a lifetime! Sonny’s expertise makes him a trustworthy therefore you feel safe and so glad he was on our team! He did such an amazing job!


I now go around at work asking my co-workers “are you in the market for a new home?” If so I have the most wonderful Realtor I can put you in touch with by the name of Sonny Bara!” He will do everything in his power to ensure you not only get the home of your choice but he offers guidance and you can’t get any better than Sonny! Our family can’t thank him enough but we would like to again, thank you Sonny from the bottom of our hearts! We want everyone to know how great of a person Sonny but also express how much of an asset he is to Realty Austin! One can see why Realty Austin is so successful and so with that said we want to thank them as well! 


Willie & Bobbie Hope & Family

November 2015 


Erin Bara did a fabulous job on the remodel and sell of my home. All that I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! 


She by far exceeded our expectations of what we thought we might sell the house for prior to meeting her. I am so very grateful that we came across the ad with her and her husband. Choosing Erin and Sonny to be our realtors was by far the best decision we have made since I have been in Austin the last five years. My father and I both knew 100% right away that we were in good hands just after meeting her the first time. Erin has a strong, confident, and motivated disposition–and we trusted her opinions from Day 1. We knew she would get it done right, quickly, and well–however, we did not anticipate just how well! 


When she sent us the pictures prior to the house going on the market–we were speechless! It was a completely different home. It was beautiful. And that is an understatement. 


So thank you Erin for choosing to work with us. Thank you for offering your invaluable opinions on what should be done to the house. Thank you for bringing in Arnoldo (he did beautiful work for a VERY reasonable price might I add!) 


Erin did such a wonderful job getting the house ready so quickly and getting it on the market (especially with the horrible weather!!). She stayed in nearly constant contact with us throughout the entire process giving us update by update–(almost as if she knew it might be stressful to wonder how our home is doing from another state away). But let me assure you, we were not stressed or worried about the sell from Oklahoma–and I attribute that to her. Erin, you exude trustworthiness, competence, and dedication. So thank you once again for making my out-of-state move so much less stressful than it could have or should have been. 


I am in the best financial position possible (way better than I could have hoped for even) as I start a new chapter of my life near my family here in Tulsa, OK. Because of Erin’s expertise in the sell of the Travertine home, I was able to pay off all the brand new appliances I bought for my new house in addition to purchasing a brand new bedroom suite, with money still left over. I got a job as soon as I moved here, however, orientation does not start until November 23rd. So while having no income for three weeks would stress most people, I have been able to avoid that stress with help from the proceeds of selling the house! 


I have already spoken gloriously about her to my immediate neighbors! One had a key to the house in case of emergencies and commented how beautiful the house looked when checking on it for us one day! They have been encouraged to come to her if they should ever decide to sell their homes. 


Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! 


Laura Henry & James Henry

September 2015 


Sonny and Erin were great through the whole process, very informative and helpful on making sure the home was staged proper for the photos. 


Dan Machiela

September 2015 


They took the time to care and be honest. Good old fashion values. I had 100% trust from day one. One situation sticks out in my mind as we were looking for houses and I saw one over our price point and Sonny had consulted with our mortgage team ahead of time and the real advice we received about why to not go too far over and put ourselves in a bad situation was great it was sincere and just knowing someone in the that end of the deal didn’t want to take advantage of us and treated us like friends with real advice and not sales pitches was beyond helpful because I was acting on sheer emotion and not logic and just knowing someone has your back is such a relief . Thank you Sonny and Erin and all the good folks that made our dreams possible. 


Angela Triana

September 2015 


It was a pleasant enjoyable experience and I would definitely use the Bara Team if I need to sell and buy another home. 


Atilano Guerra

September 2015 


Sonny and Erin were SO knowledgable and had answers for our questions but, more so, were so patient and flexible with us as we sorted through first-time home buying. We never felt incompetent because we had to ask a question. 


Devin Carroll

September 2015 


Sonny went to the ends of Earth looking at homes all over in three didn’t towns. He was very available and had a “can do” attitude. 


Lisa Mester

September 2015 


Absolutely the BEST Real Estate Experience I have ever had. Sonny knew all the moves to make and the timing of them, even when I was in doubt. He calmed me and helped me to stay on task. He drew from not only his professional experience but his understanding of people and how to best capture this to our advantage. He is absolutely the best in his field. 


Debbie Jewell

September 2015 


Sonny and Erin are fantastic, and as long as they are in business I couldn’t imagine engaging anyone else to represent me in Real Estate transactions. Buying and selling a home is one of the most emotionally-charged transactions in life, and to find a Team you trust is invaluable. 


Thank you Sonny and Erin for your continued professionalism and integrity. See you at the next one! 


Judd Brook

May 2015 


The Bara Team (Erin and Sonny) were incredible!!! They dropped everything to help both my family, and my in-laws find property in Austin, and went above and beyond! I could not have been any more satisfied and HIGHLY recommend them!!! Even now that we are closed, they continue to assist by helping let painters and other contractors in our home while we are relocating…amazing people!!! 


Jeff Marshall, Google+ Review

May 2015 


We are very happy with our purchase and love our home. The process went very smoothly. I reached out to Sonny May 2014 and explained our situation. He explained what we needed to do in order to be ready to purchase a home. Sonny always stayed in contact with us and if we had any questions he was just a text or email away. He is very professional, polite, and I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home. 


Rangel Family

April 2015 


Sonny and Erin Bara are the BEST!!!!! We could not have asked for more!!! 


Jeff Marshall, Facebook Review

January 2015


They were beyond excellent! Super impressed and with what we were trying to do, different area of Austin etc, they made it happen, huge thumbs up! 


Blake Layne

December 2014 


Sonny Bara and his associate Candice helped my husband and I find a home. We looked in three different towns, none of which were Austin. He had contacts and knowledge of Kyle, Wimberley and Buda. A quick phone call and he found out a house that advertised “neighbors on only two sides” was about to have apartments built behind it. He was able to work around our schedule and was very patience with us. He and Candice both made the closing process so much easier. I will highly recommend them to friends. 


Lisa M., Yelp Review

November 2014 


Sonny and Erin are the best in the business! They are very professional, detail-oriented and always made us feel like we were their #1 priority. I feel as though they went the extra mile to make us happy and get our house sold. Communication is very important to us and they didn’t disappoint! They were almost always available to answer questions and called us back quickly. I highly recommend them if your looking for a top notch team! 


Elizabeth Chambers

November 2014 


First, the Realty Austin website is by far the best in the business and I have used it for years. Second, I wish I had another house to sell because I know that Sonny and Erin would deliver first class results. I greatly enjoyed the experience. 


David Chambers

August 2014 


Sonny and Erin are the most professional and most incredible agents I have ever dealt with, I will refer all of my personal business to them and will spread the good news anytime I can about them! 


Chris and Jennifer Minjarez

July 2014 


Truly exceptional. His knowledge of the competitive Austin real estate market and his patience in showing us numerous properties was bar none. He was very responsive and always willing to make time to show us a property or answer a request. He has been the most influential person in our move to Austin. We highly recommend Sonny and Erin Bara. 


Michael Calderone

July 2014 


Please know that Sonny Bara is the best. He spent tons of time with us three years ago when we first tried to rent a house in Austin which apparently is impossible. We rented and this year decided to buy. Sonny knew exactly where to send us. When we got to Cottages at Northwood we told the manager that Sonny was our realtor and she laughed saying, “Yes, he’s the best and so is his wife.” Sonny was so wonderful and smart with us. Realty Austin is so fortunate to have such an excellent employee. I can’t say enough good things about this man……he’s just the best! 


Paula Holl

July 2014 


My husband and I could not be more grateful to Sonny and Erin Bara for finding us the perfect home. It only took them a couple of days to know our life style and get us the perfect place. They are honest, smart and delightful. Looking for and buying a home can be stressful, but these professionals will lead you where you want to be. I am beyond grateful for thier expertise. 


Paula Payne, Google Review

April 2014 


Sonny and Erin of The Bara Team were both great. We really only dealt with Sonny for the most part but overall we had a very positive experience. The Bara team exceeded our expectations. 


Kelsey Gonzales

March 2014 


Had a great time working with The Bara Team. They’re incredibly knowledgeable, timely with their responses, and so easy to work with. They’re great people and I will definitely recommend them to friends and family! 


Kim Kovach, Google Review

March 2014 


Sonny and Erin Bara were better than I could have asked for. They were referred to me and I can see why. They were always really great about getting back to me when I had any questions and responded with easy to understand answers and explanations. They’re valuable assets and will definitely be referred and used in the future. Thanks for everything! 


Jamie Ray

November 2013 


I have enjoyed working with Sonny and Erin on 2 real estate purchases, one for land only and one for a condo. The land only deal was done over the computer while I was away at work in England! I was impressed with how easy the process was even from another continent. I had the same experience with the condo. I was able to work the details of the deal despite my busy work schedule. Sonny and Erin always responded in a timely manner with my questions and gave good advice on how to deal with the seller. I’m very happy with both purchases, and plan to use Sonny and Erin again when I sell my house. 



October 2013 


Dear Sonny and Erin,

My husband and I want to thank you so much for helping us buy our house. We are so happy here and we owe it to your amazing team! The Lowes gift card was an unexpected surprise, but it really helped us with some of those immediate items we needed. We have been talking you guys up to anyone who even mentions they might be house hunting! We would be honored to have you at our house warming party!

Thank you again!


The Tso Family

October 2013 


SONNY AND ERIN ARE AMAZING! I am so glad that I got to meet great people through this whole process. It’s the truth – Sonny and Erin Bara ROCK! They are the most genuine, honest husband and wife team that truly work for their clients. My husband and I had three properties that we needed a Realtor for: 1) Sell Land, 2) Find a new house in a very specific neighborhood, 3) Sell our current home. My husband and I decided to interview 3 different Realtors before we made our decision on whom to give our business to. Sonny and Erin both showed up at our home for the interview and assured us that they were going to do whatever it took to sell our land and our house quickly. They provided data on our current neighborhood, homes that had recently sold, and walked through our home (taking into account the upgrades and unique qualities of the home). They were very professional, yet warm and friendly. They create a good balance being that they are a husband and wife team. Once we decided to jump in with the Bara Team, they began working round the clock to find us our dream home. Sonny even went above and beyond by sending out postcards to neighbors, knocking on doors, and talking to his colleagues about homes in a very small neighborhood. The Bara Team ended up finding us a home that was not even on the market and helped us negotiate a price that was less than asking price. We were very happy! All of the hard work paid off! Erin was on the ball to sell our old home. She came over and gave tips for staging, hired an amazing photographer, and created nice flyers. With her pricing it just right, we received an offer 3 hours after the first showing and had 4 offers for our home within 3 days. Erin helped us select a buyer that gave us full price and had good financing. We really could not have done it without the Bara Team! Their expertise in real estate is amazing and they really know what they are doing to get you the best price whether buying or selling. Sonny and Erin are amazing people and have become friends through this whole process. They care about their client’s time and will not piddle around. If you want a home sold fast without making compromises on its value, call on Sonny and Erin! 


The Reue Family

October 2013 


Best experience with our first time home buying and closing thanks to Team Bara! Thank you, Realty Austin, we love our new home in Bauerle Ranch! 


The Collins Family, Facebook Review

August 2013


WE LOVE THE BARA TEAM! We were referred to them by another very satisfied client. We recently sold our home and purchased another with the help of the most knowledgeable, outgoing, informative and hands-on Realty Austin Team – THE BARA TEAM. Sonny & Erin Bara by far exceeded our expectations. They truly know their business and will inform and guide you every step of the way with the sale or purchase of your home. Our home went on the market on July 26th and was under contract in less than 48 hours. We closed on both homes on Aug. 29th. Their service was so unique, that we felt as if we were their only clients. I highly recommend THE BARA TEAM be your team should you be selling or purchasing a home.


Tricia Martinez, Google Review

August 2013


Just want to let you know that we could not have been happier with the guidance Sonny and Erin gave us on the purchase of our home in Austin. They went out of their way to insure all went smoothly during the entire process. As Diana and I had only one day in Austin to look at homes, Sonny and Erin made themselves available during our short time, and in this day and time that is great. Sonny and Erin found us the home we will love for many years and we will recommend them to all our friends. I know that many of the Realty Austin staff were behind the scenes during the last month, but all should be thanked and I hope our appreciation gets passed along to all of them.


Bill and Diana Pratt

July 2013


Sonny and Erin were great and we could not have done it without them and their entire team at Realty Austin. I have not had the pleasure of meeting them, but my wife has. Sonny, Erin, and I have conducted this entire deal online and by phone. Our experience with Realty Austin was very pleasant and very professional. This was the home my wife wanted, and Sonny got it for us – bottomline! We will definitely recommend Realty Austin’s service to our friends and family. Thank you!


Del- Senn

July 2013


My experience with Sonny and Erin was nothing but positive. They made everything so simple. I was totally impressed with their knowledge of the market and their willingness to help me with every stage of the process. I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing their services. 


Fonda Shannon

We wouldn’t use anyone but Sonny and Erin Bara. Sonny has 20+ years experience in Austin and knows his stuff. It took us almost 9 months to find and close on a house, and he was nothing but patient, responsive, and accommodating, even moving his schedule around just to make things work for us several times. Being a first time home buyer is a bit nerve-racking but Sonny explained every step. His only goal was to get us in a house we loved in our price range, and he did just that. 


Stephanie C, Citysearch Review

I wanted to say that Sonny and Erin very much exceeded my expectations and made the entire selling experience very smooth. I was in a situation where I didn’t know if my house would even sell and it was looking like I would lose quite a bit of money to sell it. Sonny and Erin were so professional, organized, and knowledgeable through the entire process. I followed their advice to a “T” and because of that I had offers on my house the first weekend and sold it within a week with a profit. I am so excited, I can hardly believe it. I owe that all to Sonny and Erin, it was the combination of the advice they gave on when to put it on the market, what price to sell it, changes needed for showing, and the professional pictures. I can’t say enough good things about this team. I have let everyone I know who is considering selling their house within the next several years that if they want it done right, to contact Sonny and Erin. 


Courtney Esparza

Sonny & Erin were friendly and professional at all times. I could email or call and they helped me promptly. It’s been 2 1/2 years since we sold and purchased our new home and we still communicate with each other, I really like that. I had the best experience selling and buying a home with Sonny and Erin. I will highly recommend them to anybody I know that needs help with real estate. I’m very happy my family was able to move into our new home before Christmas. God Bless The Bara Team and I wish them only the best. 


Mary Ann Lopez

I couldn’t be more happy to recommend Sonny and Erin Bara! This is the second time they have sold a home for me and they are just awesome. I plan to use their services to find a condo in the near future and my daughter and her husband plan to contact them in November when they put their house on the market. 


They are professional in every way, personable and easy to work with, and they really get the job done. Thanks for the opportunity to express how much I appreciate them and their great service. 


Patti Bruce

Hands down the best broker or broker team I’ve ever worked with. I’ve already bought a house with them and sold a house with them. Most likely I will be in the market for a lake house in Austin in about 18-24 months and I will use them for that. I refer everyone I know to them as well. In fact, I’m trying to twist their arms to find me a house here in Houston, but that may be asking a lot. 


Ted Williams

I can’t even begin to describe how great our experience was with Sonny and Erin. First of all, it was very difficult trying to find a realtor that could work with our schedule (living in Odessa, only being able to come to Austin for a couple days at a time). Erin was more than willing to take us to see as many homes as we were interested in, while being very knowledgeable about the communities and the homes we visited. 


Erin was very efficient with paperwork, and there was never a delay in getting us what we needed. She could also answer any questions we had. 


When the buyer of our home in Odessa was having problems with the lender, Erin jumped in (with our permission) and helped to get the issues resolved by communicating with the title company and our selling realtor. She also helped to arrange a remote closing to save us another trip to Odessa. 


We are extremely satisfied with Realty Austin and Sonny and Erin Bara. We look forward to using them for any and all future real estate needs. 


Phil Burdine

We could not be more pleased with Sonny Bara. He was a pleasure to work with and we will refer to him in the future. He did an awesome job! 


Lori Frigillana

Sonny was awesome. I was sort of casually looking around, with the idea that if I found a lot that met all my wants I would move on it. I thought that would take a really long time. But Sonny found a lot I liked (probably luck was involved too). The sellers wanted to move very quickly, and I had to go to England for business but still we closed in one week! I could not have figured all that out without Sonny’s expertise. I will certainly recommend him to friends. 


Becky Cavanaugh

Sonny was awesome. I would and will recommend him to everyone. My house was only on the market for 5 days and I truely believe this was because of Sonny’s insight. Sonny by far exceeded my expectations and I am extremly pleased with the whole experience. 


Michael J. Russo

We used Realty Austin for a recent home purchase. Our agents were Erin and Sonny Bara and they worked as a team to find us a home that met our needs. We were on a very short time-frame to find the right house and they found it for us within 8-10 days. We just closed on it last week and from beginning to end it was an excellent experience. I have bought a lot of houses with realtors through the years and Erin and Sonny gave us the best home buying experience we have ever had. I would highly recommend them without reservation. 


Mike Ferguson

I am an out of state owner. Sonny and Erin took care of everything. Maintenance problems, Painting, carpet replacement, yard work. Start to finish they did everything needed to sell my house in a bad market in a reasonable time frame. I highly recommend them! 


Thomas Commers

Sonny went beyond all expectations from showing homes well after normal business hours, constantly remained in contact with me through the whole process, and fought diligently to keep all third party company’s from changing the contracts last minute, therefor ensuring my costs were kept low. 


The service provided by Sonny was above and beyond expectations. 


John Carey

Sonny and Erin were very patient with us throughout this whole Home buying/selling process. We had so many questions and they were immediate at providing answers- even at 11pm! We actually got to a point where we just relaxed and put our future in their experiences. Though I hope we never have to do this again, we will certainly call the Baras! Thanks a million Sonny and Erin!! 


Nichole Mooneyham-Mitchell

Sonny and Erin are the best REALTORS® I have ever worked with. I have worked with four others over the past 15 years, and their standards were nowhere near as high nor their assistance near as good. The Baras are the best, and I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thanks for everything! 


Patti Bruce, Buyer & Seller Client

We could not have asked for better service! Communication and the ability to ask questions at anytime are crucial, especially when buying a first home. We were very impressed and satisfied with Sonny and his willingness to keep us informed and in touch. Thank You! We will always recommend and refer Sonny! 


Travis and Samantha B.

We were extremely pleased with the services of Sonny Bara. He was professional and thorough. He explained things clearly to us, 1st time homebuyers. We would recommend Sonny to all of our friends! 


Maryanne and Robert Devereaux

Thank you so much, it was a wonderful 1st time experience! Even when it looked like it wasn’t going to work out, you stayed positive, but also realistic. 


Mark and Angelica Faddis

Excellent attention to detail, ability to work with others, negotiation skills. Sonny had incredible knowledge of the area and most importantly we always had great communication. Thanks Sonny! 


Lyndsay Lord

Sonny and Erin are the best REALTORS I have ever worked with. I have worked with 4 other REALTORS in the past 15 years and their standards were nowhere near as high nor their assistance near as good! The Bara’s are the best and I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thanks for everything! 


Patti Bruce

Thanks! I appreciate all that you did to finalize my purchase of my home. I will always use and recommend Sonny! 


Jaqueline T.

Easily the “BEST” Realtor I’ve ever had the privilege of working with! I intend on using Sonny on every real estate transaction deal going forward. As well, I have already started referring him to others. OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!! 


Ted and Julie Williams